My Dreams and Determinations

My Dreams and Determinations

To have my signature in the World of Letters.

To leave my foot prints in the most beautiful destinations in the world. (Our dream project- Travelogue)

Launching a charitable organization for poor, orphans and destitutes.

To merge into this Nature through the experience of my Love and fervent coupling.

"To win the life through My Secret Wish".

Monday, March 2, 2015


I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying. 
A famous quote by 

Charles Chaplin..

It's a fact that if you have a smile on your face, the whole world will be there for you..but if you are sad, you will feel that you are alone in this world. Some times it will be true or an imagination. What ever we experience will never  be compromised by anything because we express what our heart whispers. If a drop of tear creates a world of sadness to someone, why can't be hide that tears from The people who wish to be happy always in this world. Let your smile spreads a positive vibes to everyone, even though in the reality you try to hide your tears in one corner of your heart.. When your heart is overwhelmed, let your tears to come out from your heart and let it flow to God's hand. He is there to collect All your tears for every reasons...

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