My Dreams and Determinations

My Dreams and Determinations

To have my signature in the World of Letters.

To leave my foot prints in the most beautiful destinations in the world. (Our dream project- Travelogue)

Launching a charitable organization for poor, orphans and destitutes.

To merge into this Nature through the experience of my Love and fervent coupling.

"To win the life through My Secret Wish".

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I was committed to offer a Prayer in the name of St. Antony's for 9 Tuesdays. Today, 21st July 2015 woke me up with the thought of certain memories and I realized that here ending the series of my 9 Tuesday's prayer for very special people in my life.

I submitted all my requests in the hands of Almighty Lord. I am sure "There shall no evil befall thee. For He will give His Angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."

After the prayer, an unexplained silence just enclosed me and my thoughts and memories were inculcated with saudade.

I couldn't concentrate in my class and really wanted to cry but couldn't. My roads were blurred by the  tears in my eyes while I was driving. Thanks to my Rengi for understanding and accepting me as the way I am.

Life is a mystery when it reflects you with certain unexpected expressions of life. But I still strongly believe that Life is Beautiful... for I could feel every bit of expressions which meant for me. It is undefined and infinite.

My Prayers will be continued......

Thank Lord!!!!
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