My Dreams and Determinations

My Dreams and Determinations

To have my signature in the World of Letters.

To leave my foot prints in the most beautiful destinations in the world. (Our dream project- Travelogue)

Launching a charitable organization for poor, orphans and destitutes.

To merge into this Nature through the experience of my Love and fervent coupling.

"To win the life through My Secret Wish".

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Thoughts are at it’s peak now. I think creative part of my brain is fully functional. Special gratitude for making me so vibrant……. As part of my new write up, I referred so many books related to love, relationships and getting connected, but I got confused with distinct ideas of various writers. Then I decided to illustrate my own perceptions regarding those topics. Since it’s a vast topic and limited time in my night duty made me to write few thoughts about how people are getting connected.
I do always wonder why we are not falling in love with everyone whom we meet or pass by in our life. What I believe is that each creations in the universe have distinct vibrations and frequency which emit through their acts, thoughts, creations, love, relationship and even through sex. When people with same energy meet each other , there emerges the quest for to be connected or associated. I am not explain about infatuations, it’s all about deep relating where you could feel each other’s vibrations.

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Getting attracted or connected to someone is not a fault as long as you know how to respect your relationship and treat each other with respect. The association with someone depends on the strength of vibration which would be reflected in certain people in high frequency. Those individuals cannot be associated with normal people and their thoughts and deeds are divergent from common man. They always stand distinct among the crowd. Their level of confidence and positive attitude towards life will always take the prime position throughout their living. They have great extent of self-respect and high self-esteem and keep trust towards self and their proficiencies. They spread positive energy around and always with a flow of unconditional love. They never wish to hurt anyone for they respect each and every expressions of a man kind.  
Finding people with similar frequency is not an easy going way. There needs an upgraded intellect and perfect perception towards their life and relationship. Certain people love to associate with lots of relationship and friends, and are highly vibrant as well. What I noticed that when someone is well connected with people and society, they feel immense positivity and happiness. But other kind of people fond to be associated with one person or very few people in their life, not in terms of selfishness. Their level of personality and insight are focusing on a particular aspect of a person whom they would like to be connected. They would not be able to get along with everyone because of their hyper emission of vibrations. Their expressions in terms of love, lust and creativity would be extremely incredible. They can connect each other through any means such thoughts, dreams, and even through simple existence.

Time to go back to my duty again…… so stopping here for the day without a conclusion.
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