My Dreams and Determinations

My Dreams and Determinations

To have my signature in the World of Letters.

To leave my foot prints in the most beautiful destinations in the world. (Our dream project- Travelogue)

Launching a charitable organization for poor, orphans and destitutes.

To merge into this Nature through the experience of my Love and fervent coupling.

"To win the life through My Secret Wish".

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Distance

It's 12 midnight... One more day is ending for a new dawn... Gone to British council in the evening but when I reached there, I came to know that my car's tyre got punctured... Then somehow I took my car to the work shop and repaired. After that I went to church... As usual I offered my prayers with my Blessed Rosary... Nowadays I go to church when no one is there in the church... I love to offer my prayers in the extreme  silence... I usually spend nearly one hour there...kind of meditation..

Came back at 0800pm and started to read a book.. I didn't do anything in the day time, just simply sitting and thinking about what to do.. Thought of writing something but not got into that mood..

I was reading a book now. Suddenly I remembered about this song... Started to listen... A song of distance .. Beautiful lyrics and relevant to the hour...

Is the distance keeping us away?
Or is the silence keeping us away?
Never wish to think that we're away 
As we know what we're & who we're.

Just awaiting for the right moment
Where we both can see each other 
The way we wished & dreamt about 
The way we passionate about our longing.

I'm not measuring the distance 
I'm not counting the days 
Let bygones be bygones 
Set forth to reach our destiny.

You may not be knowing 
That My days are numbered 
Please break your esoteric Silence 
So that let me know that I'm alive.

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