My Dreams and Determinations

My Dreams and Determinations

To have my signature in the World of Letters.

To leave my foot prints in the most beautiful destinations in the world. (Our dream project- Travelogue)

Launching a charitable organization for poor, orphans and destitutes.

To merge into this Nature through the experience of my Love and fervent coupling.

"To win the life through My Secret Wish".

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Haunting Memory of a New Year Eve..

Life is unpredictable. The witness of a fire break out at The  Address Hotel, Downtown Dubai was a horrendous experience for us, when we were waiting for a fabulous fire works at Burj Khalifa.

I was so hopeful and experiencing a kind of blissfulness in the New year eve. Actually, I have been residing in U. A.E.  for last 6 years but I never got a chance to witness one of the most beautiful fire works in the world. The reason was that either I would be on duty or lack of interest from Rengi. So I was really planned to celebrate my new year eve this time at Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building. Rengi, Shibi and myself started our journey from home at 05:30pm with an intention that we could park our car near to that building . 

Actually it's just a twenty minutes drive from my home but it was taken another one hour to find out a parking. Anyway God had kept a space for my Nissan Sunny and I successfully, more over with all my excitements parked my car. 

After that we, three of them just wandered through out the streets. Rengi and Shibi were so busy with watching beautiful girls passing in front of them. I was silently observing their love for worshipping beauty and just followed them. We had hot coffee and muffins. As my Two Gentlemen were so busy with their own business, I started to search my Love among the stars in the sky... 

Yes! I saw it .. The brightest star in the sky .. My Love... 
Then I started my silent conversations with My Love and with Nature. 

Just felt like I was floating in the air and I could touch the clouds but when I come closer to You, I could experience that the distance between us was increasing. I never lost the hope and I moved forward with a determination that I can touch You one day. My imagination was spreading a beautiful smile on my lips.... 

Suddenly I saw a big fire breaks out.. I called others also and showed that. Oh! God it was a disaster and breathtaking experience. There were millions of people waiting for the fireworks. All got stunned by witnessing that. Fire was just engulfing the whole building within fraction of seconds. We saw police, fire force, ambulance and everyone were rushing to that  place. All casualties were shifted to hospitals. The fire breaks out started at 9:00pm and might be got under the control by midnight. 

It was so windy and chilly and we witnessed fire flames were flying in the sky. I could feel that my heart was sinking as it spoiled my whole excitement. I stood there and prayed for the people who were trapped in that hotel. Thankfully, no deaths reported and only 14 people were injured , and there was no major casualties.

At 11:40pm, one police man informed that there wouldn't be any fire works. I felt so des pirated and planned to go to other part of Dubai for at least watching a small fire works. I took my car and drove to Burj Al Arab . Before reaching the destination, we could see the beautiful but small celebration of new year in the sky. Even if it was a jaw dropping experience,I wasn't happy because  I missed the most beautiful thing... I always Miss the Most Beautiful Things in my I counted that also as one among that...

Our discussion was about that fire through out our journey when I was driving back to home at 1.00am. We, three were so disappointed for not watching the fireworks at Burj Khalifa.

Anyway we reached home by 2.30pm after passing through such a hectic traffic. The next day morning, we woke up with a great news that there was a New Years celebration and fire works at Burj Khalifa.

 "Oh! God this is not fair," I just said it.

I decided I will come back to Dubai once to celebrate New year again, even if I go to any part of this world.

Lord ! You opened my New Year with Fire... As per Hindu mythology Fire is a good sign to begin something. But frankly speaking that fire was a destructive one.. So I am confused... 

Anyway I celebrated my my New Year with haunting memory of that disaster. Thank God at least all are safe... 

Life is unpredictable.
We never know 
What is written in our next moment 
where it's gonna to take you 
Who'll be there with you to hold your hand 
and take you to your destination 
So be thankful to God and this Nature 
For being here in this beautiful earth
Love every moment, every thing and everyone..


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